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Diploma in Information Technology(NIELIT 'O' Level Equivalent)1 YEAR8500
Course on Computer Concepts (CCC)3 MONTH2400
Certificate in Computer Application (CCA)6 MONTH3600
Certificate in Computer Programming (CCP)6 MONTH3600
Certificate in Information System (CIS)6 MONTH3600
Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)6 MONTH3600
Java Programming2 MONTH3200
Oracle 8i/Developer 2000/VB3 MONTH4000
Web Application Development3 MONTH4800
VB with Access Microsoft2 MONTH3200
OOPS and C+++1 MONTH1600
Application development using C++2 MONTH3200
(VB with SQL Server) application development2 MONTH3200
Linux Unix/1 MONTH1200
Network Technology2 MONTH3200

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